If you would also like to strengthen our team with your know-how as a trainee, please send us your application!

We Train in 2019:

  • Management assistants for haulage and logistics Services
  • Assistants for Office Management
  • Warehouse logistics specialists
  • Warehousing specialists
  • Professional Driver


Information and requirements for the respective skilled occupations can be found in the flyer below.

Our 2018 training year
Our 2018 training year

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Stephanie Siebken


Trainee views

I worked in a warehouse before starting my training and I find the work very interesting. There are many opportunities to climb the ladder in warehouse logistics and Voigt is a large company where you can see and learn lots.
Sebastian Klimpke
Warehouse logistics specialist trainee
I had only heard good things about Voigt from the other trainees, so I applied here. You can be left to your own devices a lot and you have lots of contact with drivers and colleagues from the warehouse, for example. I like that. I also like the variety.
Marcel Mester
Management assistant for transport and logistic services trainee
My profession is something for the future and I find logistics an interesting area. I decided to work at Voigt because the overall training process is completely and thoroughly organised, and you can dip into all areas. The location is also close to my home. I would really like to stay here after my training, preferably working in long-distance driving.
Henning Holm
Management assistant for transport and logistic services trainee
I chose this traineeship because it promises lots of variety and there are new challenges every day. And in Neumünster, Voigt is the measure of all things. You know eventually what comes from where and you know how everything is connected when you see a lorry on the road, for example. The coordination between the vocational school and Voigt is trouble-free, and I am included a lot in the day-to-day work. I like that.
Bryan Quick
Management assistant for transport and logistic services trainee
I never thought it would be so varied. At the moment, I work in service and I advise clients about shipments. I like that it is so large and you pass through many departments. You learn a lot. My goal is to pass my training with good results and be accepted into the company. There is such a family atmosphere here.
Lennart Lindemann
Management assistant for transport and logistic services trainee
I have always wanted to do something with vehicles since my childhood. I had already done a two-week placement at Voigt, which I enjoyed. So I applied here and it worked. I just like everything here: super-pleasant colleagues, a very nice working environment, and the school; even the teaching is great.
Ole Güthe
Management assistant for transport and logistic services trainee
We do a lot with people and there is lots going on. Something new happens every day; it is never the same. The interaction between people and the support you get when you have questions is great. I found the job online while looking for trainee driver placements. I have now done my first runs alone. It was strange at the beginning, but you quickly get used to it. After my training, I would very much like to continue driving here, preferably as a “springer” – sometimes local, sometimes long-distance.
Florian Pries
Professional driver trainee

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