Sustainable, economical und future-oriented.

Balance for people, machines and nature.

Voigt-Logistik stands for a sustainable and responsible corporate development. We are constantly working to fulfil our social, ecological and economic responsibility and to optimise our business processes in the sense of shaping a sustainable future.



Setting an example by acting with consideration.

Our strong environmental consciousness appears not only in theory, but we are also committed to sustainable practices. We aim to be a model of responsible corporate behaviour by continuing to sensitise our employees and raise environmental awareness.


Change perspectives, exploit new opportunities.

We are firmly committed to uphold a sustainable energy industry. For many years, we have been implementing energy-saving measures to reduce energy consumption and minimise carbon dioxide emissions. Through the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and processes, resources are used in the best possible way internally.


Working together, caring for each other.

Employee sustainability plays a decisive role in our long-term success and helps to create a positive feeling of belonging together. By involving our employees in the sustainability processes, we can build a strong and engaged workforce that has a positive impact on the whole team and contributes to a stable success of the company.

Vehicle fleet

Be a pioneer, discover new fields.

We develop our vehicle fleet constantly, but not only from business perspective. Since our foundation, we have always worked to combine ecological and economical transport solutions. More efficient vehicles have a positive impact on the environment, so we continue to use sustainable fuels.