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The combination of our customs and transport services ensures that goods are available to you or your customers in a timely and optimal manner.

We place a great emphasis on well-trained staff and arrange that they receive ongoing trainings to keep them up to date with the latest developments. This enables us to provide you with reliable advice based on recent knowledge.



Careful planning is essential for importing goods from abroad.

We take over the planning for you and make sure that all the necessary documents and permissions are at hand and the shipment arrives on time. Clear communication with suppliers and customers is something we take for granted.

The choice of the right transport routes and vehicles is also important, because we want to ensure that delivery is both efficient and cost-effective. We consider different options to find the best solution for each delivery.


  • Competitive sea freight rates from Asia and the world
  • FCL and LCL
  • Transparent tracking of your goods through Cargo Trace
  • On-time delivery
  • Warehouse storage at all our Voigt locations



The export regulations and procedures for the shipment and export of goods to countries outside the EU can considerably differ from the country of origin, and the country of destination to which you wish to ship.

Likewise, the required export documentation can be more complex than for domestic shipping. We offer a range of logistics services together with professional advice for all types of cargo and goods that are to be exported.


  • Sea and air freight worldwide
  • Communication with the assigned customs authorities
  • Export documents for a seamless process
  • Preparation of the required export documents
  • EUR.1
  • A.TR
  • T2L and T2LF
  • Monitoring of the export notifications



Customs Services

We provide customs services for the import, export and transit of your shipments, protecting a seamless supply chain.

In general, when goods cross the border into a third country, they have to be declared to the assigned customs authorities. Owing to lack of transparency, this can quickly lead to confusion. We are happy to support you so that you do not make any mistakes with sensitive customs formalities.

Our customs services include, for example, clearance of goods, preparation of customs documents and calculation of duties and taxes.


  • Pick-up service from all German harbours and airports
  • Depending on the documents, release of goods for free circulation
  • Support in the tariffing process of your goods
  • Customs value setting and preferential origin calculation
  • Communication with assigned customs authorities, shipping companies, packing sheds and handling agents
  • Avoiding delays and fines by monitoring deadlines



Our trained staff uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your containers arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

With our GPS tracked vehicles, we can keep you informed of the location of your containers along the route and respond to any delays in a timely manner. This ensures complete transparency and ultimately leads to better transport times.


  • Harbour exemption at terminals
  • Schedule appointments to avoid costs such as demurrage and detention
  • Monitor on-time delivery to you or to your warehouse
  • Unpacking and sorting the containers into groups
  • Delivery on pallets and delivery according to your needs


Customs clearance

For a seamless customs clearance.

 International customs traffic can quickly become confusing and non-transparent. We are here to help you avoid making mistakes when dealing with sensitive customs documents.

Customs checklist

Our checklist provides you with an overview of the frequently required information:

  • EORI number
  • Detailed description of goods
  • Value of goods
  • Origin of goods
  • Gross and net weight
  • Commodity number (HS code)
  • Commercial invoice & packing list
  • Deferral account available? (Import)
  • Product-specific licences/certificates
  • Incoterms and place of transfer
  • Appoint customs representative (power of attorney)
  • If possible, appoint a tax representative (power of attorney)


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