Value added logistics

Thanks to the modern and flexible warehouse management systems, you will be able to access all information about your goods at any time. If required, you can receive automatic inventory notifications, or you can send us orders via interfaces and use tracking & tracing to keep an eye on your shipments.

We will establish connections competently and quickly between your and our systems. For an individual interface and the associated automatic data exchange, we have access to our own it department at any time.

The use of scanners, batch and shelf-life management systems and the creation of EAN barcodes are standard procedures for us. We would be happy to develop individual solutions for any other requirements you may have.

Value added services

With numerous services beyond the actual shipping handling, we will optimise your service to your customers and partners, because for us, standard is not enough.

Many customers today require solutions that go beyond the standard. Therefore, we are happy to provide complex and far-reaching services for you. We are already managing the complete processing of import containers, quality control of textiles, the repacking of goods for production and the implementation of seasonal trade campaigns for many of our clients.

For us, warehouse logistics is more than just handling storage and transport operations, we want to offer our customers more than they expect. For that reason, they can be sure that their products will arrive at the final customer with a lasting impression.


Quality inspection

We take over the quality inspection of your products.

Goods labelling

We take care of the labelling of your goods.

Display construction

We ensure a lasting first impression.

Returns handling

We offer you concepts for optimised return processes.

Cost optimisation

To optimise costs, there are several approaches that should be considered.

Regular inventories can help to reduce unnecessary stock and generate space for new goods. Furthermore, the processes in warehouse should also be reviewed. At this point, automatization can help us out and make warehousing more efficient and cost-saving.

An effective combination of various measures can help to reduce overall costs and ensure effective warehousing. Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help and advise you.


Warehouse management

We plan and manage your warehouse processes.

Stock optimization

We optimise your stocks in the warehouse.

Performance monitoring

We analyse and monitor your warehouse processes.


We support you with extensive advice.

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Any other questions?

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