Value Added Services

With numerous services as well as the actual shipping handling, we will optimise your service for your clients and partners, because to us, standard is not enough.

Many clients today require above-standard solutions. Therefore, we are happy to provide complex and far-reaching services for you. We are already managing the complete processing of import containers, quality control for textiles, the repacking of goods for production and the implementation of seasonal trade campaigns for many of our clients.

Our value-added services include:

  • Quality control for incoming goods
  • Item picking
  • Repackaging using transport or gift wrapping - Goods marking
  • Goods marking
  • Returns handling
  • Sample taking
  • Display construction

Example: production supplies

We will be happy to carry out preparatory work for you, such as upstream incoming goods processes.

We re-pack, for instance, goods from import containers for an international client neatly and quickly into production containers according to fixed templates. In doing so, error-free handling is very important, as the goods are sent directly to the production lines.

Example: instructions for use

By individualising your product as late as possible, stock levels and the availability of goods can be optimised.

We are happy to carry out this individualisation for you. For example, we attach instructions for use, catalogues or flyers for each of our clients, depending on the recipient country, in the respective languages required.

Example: gift wrapping

Upon request, we can also pack your products as you wish in gift wrapping.

We can handle current gift campaigns for clients or individual orders for special occasions. Our employees strive greatly to ensure that your goods will reach the recipient in one piece and unscathed.

Example: shipping cost optimisation

In order to transport your goods, safely packaged and in a cost-optimal manner, we will develop individual packing concepts for you.

Our experienced employees erect pallet frames, for example, individually for one of our clients, and pack various different products securely and with optimised transportation costs. Because we are only happy when your clients are.

Our services


We have the right storage space for any product. And the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

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Shipping handling

Our skilled employees will commission, package and send your goods reliably and quickly – completely according to your requirements.

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Value Added Service

With numerous value-added services, we offer each one of our clients individual solutions for their products and services.

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With the aid of the latest technology, we can create secure, fast and flexible EDP solutions for your processes and keep an eye on everything around the clock.

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